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Plug-in Hybrids and Dirty Power

11 August 2010

In the latest interactive infographic from Scientific America, the magazine looks at the emissions from hybrid versus all-electric vehicles.  Even though all-electric vehicles don’t idle, they still have to charge from a grid that gets over 60% of electricity by burning coal.  According to SA, the dirty truth is that in Minnesota, it actually produces MORE carbon emissions to drive an all-electric than a hybrid. What do you think?

:: Scientific America

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  1. 11 August 2010 2:16 pm

    My question would be why are they not recharging on their own instead of being plug in?

    You have 3 sorces of energy and I am wondering why we are not using all three to keep the car running and charged.


    Just a thought I am not an enginer but don’t understand why these can not be used if we but think out side the box of tradition.


  1. Even With Coal Power, Hybrids Take the Cake « Challenge for Change

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