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July/August Home Energy Checklist

6 August 2010

Have you signed up to receive Home Energy Resource MN’s free monthly home energy maintenance checklists?  Sure, you don’t really need to add anything else to your Honey Do list, but this way you don’t have to guess about what to do when to keep your home’s energy use ship-shape.  Here’s the checklist for July and August!

Here at Minnesota Energy Challenge HQ we’d like to particularly recommend two actions:

11. Replace air filters monthly when air conditioning or as recommended by the manufacturer.

6. Have furnace (heating system) serviced.

If you’re using your AC as much as I am these days, keeping window AC filters clean and replacing central AC filters monthly can make a big difference in comfort and keep your bills down.  As for having your heating system serviced, it is far better to catch any issues NOW than in the middle of January when you’re having to crack an ice crust off your sink before you brush your teeth.  Take my word for it – even though it doesn’t feel like it, August is the perfect month to start preparing for the heating season (sigh).

:: Home Energy Resource MN

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