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New Light Bulb Labels in 2011

4 August 2010

I’ve been waiting for standard compact fluorescent light bulb labeling for a while now, so I’m really excited to hear that standard labels are coming next year! These new labels will be on all packaging for incandescents, CFLs and LED light bulbs and are modeled after nutritional facts labels.  Instead of listing calories, the new labels will tell you:

  • The brightness in lumens
  • The estimated yearly cost of the bulb
  • The bulb’s life expectancy based on 3 hours of use a day
  • The color of the light (from “warm” to “cool”)
  • The wattage
  • Whether the bulb contains mercury

These labels will make it much, much easier to find the right kind of bulb for you.  Keep your eyes peeled!

:: Energy Savers Blog, Federal Trade Commission

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