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FAQ: Water Heater Woes

23 July 2010

One area where safety and savings meet is with your hot water heater – that is, Don’t Get Burned by Hot Water by keeping your gas or electric water heater set

to 120 degrees.  This helps you save money and reduces the risk of accidental scalding in your household.

But when I turn my water heater down, I can’t get hot water to my upstairs bathroom!

Image from Home Depot website

If turning your water heater to 120 means that second bathroom or far-away sink gets, at best, lukewarm, it’s not your heater that’s the problem.  You need to insulate your pipes! Your water heater could be performing just fine, but it won’t help that much if you lose heat every step of the journey through the house.

The solution is simple: PIPE WRAP.  I recommend foam pipe insulation – you can buy up to six feet for under $2, it’s easy to install and you can use the leftovers for totally safe medieval joust competitions, if the mood strikes.  Simply cut the length of the pipe you require, wrap it on the pipe and close the seams (some self-seal, some just use duct tape).

:: Minnesota Energy Challenge: Don’t Get Burned by Hot Water

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