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Time of Day Pricing

14 July 2010

One of my favorite actions to talk about in the summer is signing up for air conditioning load control programs, like Xcel’s Saver’s Switch.  It doesn’t impact comfort, it’s free and helps Minnesota families reduce their electricity use during the cooling season.  Recently a gentleman at the Bryn Mawr Community Energy Services workshop pointed something out to me – that Xcel customers cannot sign up for both Saver’s Switch and time of day pricing.

Now, “time of day” pricing is a very cool way to reduce your electricity bills by buying the majority of your energy in off-peak hours to help reduce the demand on energy companies.  Here’s the kicker – you will get the most savings from time of day pricing if you use over 650 kWh a month in electricity and you have some type of significant load/appliance that can be easily  shifted to be used in off-peak hours. For example, I know that the gentleman from Bryn Mawr who uses it also has an infinity pool – so it is to definite benefit to him to use time of day and shift his use of his pool (and his clothes washer and dishwasher) to off-peak hours.

Keep in mind that you may end up paying slightly higher rates for peak times than other customers and there is a monthly charge for the time of day service.  So before you sign up, you might want to keep track of how and when you use your electric appliances and devices to see if it is worth it to shift to time of day.  You can also try a 3-month trial to see if it works for you.  Let me know how it goes!

:: Xcel Energy – Time of Day

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