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Rivers vs. Reckmeyers: Part Two

1 July 2010

Earlier this year we met the Rivers family, who have been challenging the Reckmeyers to an electricity duel of sorts for the past three years.  Now it’s time to hear the other half of that story!

Tim Reckmeyer didn’t think that the steps his family took in 2007 were going to make a difference for their electricity use.  After all, they added a member to their family, he started working from home 2-3 days a week, they added a 42-inch plasma TV and it was one of the hottest years on record.  Despite all that, Tim was floored when he found out that they actually consumed over 7% LESS electricity and saved $63! Since then Team Reckmeyer has been reducing their energy use, slowly but surely, every year – despite having more stuff and more kids than demand more energy use.  From 2006 to 2009 they saved over $250, more than offsetting the low cost actions they used to save:

Despite this valiant and impressive effort, Team Reckmeyer did use more electricity than Team Rivers in 2009 for one, crucial reason – their electric water heater, which accounted for a third of their electricity use.  So when the old water heater died in 2010, it was the perfect opportunity to replace it!   They also replaced their clothes washer with a used front load Energy Star washer.  With these modifications Tim believes that Team Reckmeyer will consume less than 8.0 kWh/day, shaving another $262 off their 2010 electricity bill  and have line of site to  beating the Rivers’ this year.

Stay tuned for a mid-year report from both teams!

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  1. Mimi Holmes permalink
    27 July 2010 10:23 am

    What fun, Neely! Thanks for the update on the challenge between these two families. I’m going to check the temperature on my water heater when I return home tonight.

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