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Lifespan of Major Appliances

21 June 2010

recycle me!Just because old appliances continue to technically function does not mean that they are working for you.  While I am a big fan of waste-not, want-not, keeping an old household appliance past its due date means higher utility bills and lower performance.  My general rule of thumb is that if your appliance is old enough to vote, it’s time to say goodbye. Here’s a more technical list of the typical lifespan of major household appliances from Appliance Magazine.

Shortest lived appliances goes to compactors, dehumidifiers and humidifiers; longest lifespan are gas boilers, gas furnaces, oil furnaces and heat pumps.


Life in Years

Exhaust Fan 10 years
Compactors 6 years
Dishwashers 9 years
Disposers, Food Waste 12 years
Dryers, Electric 13 years
Dryers, Gas 13 years
Freezers 11 years
Microwave Ovens 9 years
Ranges, Electric 13 years
Ranges, Gas 15 years
Range/Oven Hoods 14 years
Refrigerators, Compact 9 years
Refrigerators, Standard 13 years
Washers 10 years
Water Heaters, Electric 11 years
Water Heaters, Gas 10 years
A/C, Room 10 years
A/C, Unitary 15 years
Boilers, Electric 13 years
Boilers, Gas 21 years
Dehumidifiers 8 years
Furnaces, Electric 15 years
Furnaces, Gas 18 years
Furnaces, Oil 20 years
Heat Pumps 16 years
Humidifiers 8 years

Source: Appliance Magazine, Sep 2005 issue, Grainger

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  1. Meghan permalink
    23 June 2010 9:30 pm

    Interesting — I was always of the belief that appliances should be kept until they die on their own. I’m wondering: is the ‘expiration date’ due to the fact that an appliance’s efficiency degrades over time, or that more energy efficient models are available due to better technology? Either way, I’m finally convinced that it’s time to kick our old dishwasher to the curb and get a more efficient one. Thanks!

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