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To Hop or Not To Hop?

16 June 2010

I get into a lot of arguments about this particular topic, so I though I’d bring it to the internets and see what y’all had to say about it!  So, here’s the thing – I come from a family of clumsy people.  We tend to injure ourselves just walking down the street (how I broke my wrist this winter), so when it comes to biking around we are very cautious.  I ALWAYS wear a helmet, signal my turns and obey traffic signals. Here in the Twin Cities I see more and more cyclists “hop” lights – run red lights when they don’t see any cars coming.  I am of the opinion that hopping lights is dangerous and gives the wrong message to cars.  I want people to see me as traffic, not a target, and I show my respect for cars by obeying the same rules they have to obey.  Other cyclists argue that one of the joys of biking in the first place is being able to bend those rules the same way pedestrians do when they jaywalk.

What do you think?

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