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Blower Door Test: Storms or No Storms?

26 May 2010

While the big rush to get a home energy audit usually occurs in the fall and winter when people start to see heating bills looming, the summer can be a good time to get a professional to your home to check your insulation, mechanical equipment and perform a blower door test.  The blower door lowers the pressure in your home and allows your auditor to measure air leaks – which can tell a lot about your comfort and your bills!  Leaky houses often suffer from drafts and ice dams, while too-tight homes can have moisture and indoor air quality issues.  One question keeps popping up this time of year:

“I took off my storm windows and put in screens – will that effect the results of my blower door test?”

Don’t worry about it!  I’ve consulted our residential energy experts at the Center for Energy and Environment and everyone says the same thing – it doesn’t matter what time of year you perform a blower door test. That’s because windows aren’t as big a source of air leaks as we tend to think they are.  Most air leaks around windows don’t come from frame/sash cracks, but from poor installation.  That’s a source that will become apparent whether your storms are on or not!  So just make sure you shut your windows, screens or storms, and you’ll do just fine.

Want to get an energy audit?  Learn more about available programs here!

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  1. Jack permalink
    5 September 2013 8:21 am

    Blower door test is a great thing.

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