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Common Mistake: Improperly Sized ACs

24 May 2010

I don’t know about you, but the 66% humidity yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks and sent me running to put my window air conditioning unit in.  This time of year, many Minnesotans are looking for smart ways to cool their homes without spending too much money.  Getting rid of an old window AC and buying an ENERGY STAR-rated unit is a great way to start the cooling season out on the right foot. But don’t make the common mistake of buying a larger unit that you need!

Many people buy an air conditioner that is too large, thinking it will provider better cooling. However, an oversized air conditioner is actually less effective — and wastes energy at the same time. Air conditioners remove both heat and humidity from the air. If the unit is too large, it will cool the room quickly, but only remove some of the humidity. This leaves the room with a damp, clammy feeling. A properly sized unit will remove humidity effectively as it cools.

Check out the ENERGY STAR website for more guidance. And pass the lemonade!


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