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Awesome Actions at Annunciation

17 May 2010

There’s nothing like a success story to start off the week!  Church of the Annunciation parish and school (ranked #6 on the Minnesota Energy Challenge) was recently featured in the Catholic Spirit newspaper because of their remarkable efforts to use composting and recycling at their facilities!

“One of the things we try to do is explain our Catholic identity through the school, and one of the things that we’re called to do is be good stewards of the earth through Cath­olic social teaching,” said Jimmy Dunn, Annun­cia­tion’s director of youth min­istry. “It’s living what you’ve been told and preach.”

Now 75% of Annnunciation’s waste is being composted instead of shipped off to a landfill.  One thing I found really interesting about the article is also the reflection on how the change at school is making families re-examine some of their habits.

“The biggest way to reduce our waste is for parents to talk to their kids about what they’re packing,” [Jimmy Dunn] said. “Parents sometimes assume that the lunch box is empty, so everything’s being eaten, and that’s not necessarily the case.”

It’s so awesome to see a community come together and make real change happen.  Congrats!

:: The Catholic Spirit

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  1. Joel Haskard permalink
    17 May 2010 9:25 am

    Dig the blog, Neely! Great stuff…Congrats
    Joel @ CERTs

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