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A Hot Tip for Cooling Season

11 May 2010

I have to believe that, some day, summer will actually come to Minnesota.  So, it’s time to think about how to save money and energy during cooling season.  If you have central air conditioning, there’s one insanely easy way for you to guarantee some energy savings this summer – sign up for your electric utility’s load control program! These programs (like Xcel’s Savers Switch) are absoluterly 100% free AND will help you reduce your electricity bills this summer.

Basically, load control programs let the utility install a switch on your central air that allow them to cycle the compressor off for 15 minutes during times of peak use.  Because your fan keeps circling cooled air in your home, the temperature stays the same and you save money.  For example, Xcel Energy will reduce your electricity bill by 15% from June to September even if they never turn Savers Switch on.  Easy savings, no sacrificing comfort – just how we like it!

:: Take a Load Off – add load control to your Energy Challenge pledge

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