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National Efficiency Standards for TVs Are Coming

5 May 2010

Why are people allowed to sell us these inefficient televisions that waste energy when there are better ways?

The more I talk about energy issues like phantom load and appliance electricity use, the more I get this question.  I think it’s a combination of manufacturers wanting to make cheap products quickly, and consumers paying more attention to how easy something is rather than how much energy it is using.  These standards are definitely changing.  As more Americans pay attention to how their homes use energy, more people are asking why it is even possible to buy products that just leak money.

Luckily, the national government is following California’s lead to help consumers out a bit and institute a national standard of energy efficiency for televisions (PDF, page 27).  In the meantime, look out for ENERGY STAR 4.0!  The new ENERGY STAR ratings for HDTVs are really ramping it up, with new sets consuming just about half of the energy of the older ENERGY STAR models.  And good news for those of us a little bit obsessed with phantom load – the new HDTVs will be required to reduce their vampire energy to just 1 watt.  That’s a future I can believe in!

:: Engadget

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  1. Susan Mullin permalink
    6 August 2010 12:31 pm

    Besides looking for energy star TVs, are there some general tips on what type of television to look for in terms of energy use? What are the most important considerations with respect to energy use when purchasing a new television?

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