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Bedlam Theater Takes the Energy Challenge!

15 April 2010

If you love theater and saving energy, than do I have the event for you!  This Friday, April 16th is the opening night of the Bedlam Theater’s Twenty Ten Fest, a showcase of 21 very short new theater pieces “in a mind-boggling range of styles:”

These plays run the stylistic gamut from reflective drama to toy theater to lip-sync drag to a new short opera, with many stops in between. It will feature the work of new artists, creators, and performers, as well as such well-known members of the Twin Cities theater scene as Playwright Center writers Aditi Kapil, Carson Kreitzer and Dominic Orlando, and one piece created by Cedar-Riverside youth in workshops with Bedlam.

And along with these new and exciting works of art, you’ll have the opportunity to join Bedlam’s Energy Challenge team! Challenge coordinator Neely will be there to answer all your energy questions, help you sign up quickly and painlessly on paper forms and generally have a great time.  See you there!

:: Bedlam Theater

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