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It’s National Cell Phone Recycling Week

7 April 2010

We all know that Americans loooooove our cell phones.  I’ll admit it, I just bought a new one with better features than my old phone and I was pumped.  I was especially excited that my new phone came with a postage-paid envelope to send my old phone and charger back to the manufacturer for e-recycling.  It was so easy! Which is why I was shocked to read that only 10% of cell phones are currently recycled.  This week is National Cell Phone Recycling Week, so make it your one goal for the week to recycle that old cell phone that has been hanging around forever and then tell a friend how easy it was.

The savings from recycling cell phones are REAL – even recycling just ONE cell phone saves enough energy to power a laptop for 44 hours.  You could watch the first two seasons of Lost straight through and still have enough juice left for a full day of work.

There are TONS of ways to recycle that old phone.  You can do what I did and use a mailer when you get a new phone, or visit almost any cell phone retailer to drop it off.  Make it your goal for the week – get one more old cell phone recycled properly!

:: National Cell Phone Recycling Week

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