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What do I do with old incandescents?

19 March 2010

I love the American “waste not, want not” mentality.  Keeping things until their useful life ends is one good way to reduce waste.  So it’s no surprise, really, that many of you are sad about the prospect of throwing out old incandescent light bulbs when you are putting in shiny new high-efficiency compact fluorescents.  “I know they waste energy,” you say, looking mournful, “but I hate throwing something out when it still has life left in it.”

Good news, there is one good use for those old, money-leaking incandescents.  Save them for your closets. Since those lights are used so infrequently, putting compact fluorescents in won’t get you as big savings as high-use areas.  Collect all the incandescents from your living room and dining room, put them in a box and use them for your closets!

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