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Get rid of the beer fridge – and get paid for it

1 March 2010

recycle me!The #1 electricity hog in most Minnesotan’s homes is the refrigerator.  Those giant hulking tanks of metal, plastic and refrigerant work 24/7 to keep our food nice and cold, and in the process use quite a big of energy.  Older models especially add onto energy bills – those nice avocado green models from the 70s use four times more electricity than modern ENERGY STAR-rated models!  And since they’re a pain to move around, most often when they are no longer fit to be a main fridge, they end up in the basement or garage as a beer fridge.  That’s some really expensive beer.

Good news for Xcel customers – now they will pay you to recycle your old fridge – and you don’t even have to move it! All you have to do is call ARCA (800-599-5795), the recycler that Xcel is working with, schedule an appointment and they will come pick it up for you – and you’ll get a rebate from Xcel for $35.00!   Now is the time!

:: Xcel Energy Refrigerator Recycling

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  1. 2 March 2010 10:36 am

    Hey that’s nice to hear, considering that usually you have to pay to get rid of a fridge. Most of the cost is usually the recycling of refrigerant. It’s funny that refrigerators are the #1 energy consumer in Minnesota, considering hold cold the winters get, there needs to be an easy way to use that cold to cool your food and drinks.

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