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Reduce Vending Machine Costs

26 February 2010

Opportunities for money and energy savings abound these days!  A great way for businesses or nonprofits to save a little cash is to reduce the energy use of your vending machines.  Now that I think about it, it makes so much sense!  According to the Clean Energy Resource Teams, the average beverage vending machine uses around $300 worth of electricity each year. So, to help you save money, they have paired up with EnergyMisers, LLC to provide a state-wide bulk-buy program for VendingMisers until May 1st, 2010.

“A VendingMiser is a simple little device that lowers the energy use of a beverage vending machine without affecting its performance,” says Lissa Pawlisch, CERTs Statewide Coordinator. “This is your chance to take action and save big.”

VendingMisers can cut a vending machine’s energy use in HALF and saves approximately $130 a year!  Contact CERTs for more info!

:: CERTs

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