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$1 CFLs!

19 February 2010

Once again, Xcel Energy has partnered with a variety of retailers across the state to provide a great deal – ENERGY STAR qualified high efficiency compact fluorescent light bulbs for just $1 each! Considering each bulb can save you over $40 over its lifetime, this is quite the deal.  With over 265 stores participating, it’s easy to find some cheap, high quality light bulbs.  Visit the Energy Smart website for more info.

A couple things to keep in mind when buying compact fluorescent light bulbs:

  • Double-check to make sure they have the blue ENERGY STAR logo on the box.  Never buy bulbs that aren’t ENERGY STAR rated – they just aren’t worth the money.
  • CFLs come in a range of four colors, from warm white to daylight.  Some stores have displays so you can see the lights on, but here’s tip: if you like the warmer lights of incandescents, look for warm white bulbs with a Kelvin temperature of 2700K.  If you like a brighter, whiter light, look for bulbs with a rated 4,000K temperature or higher.
  • If you’re looking for a bulb to use on a dimmer switch or 3-way fixture, you must buy a special dimmer or 3-way bulb.  Using a regular CFL on those fixtures will greatly shorten their life.

Now, go forth and enjoy your energy savings!

:: Xcel Energy

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