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Horrified By Winter Parking Restrictions?

17 February 2010

There are many things that I love about living in Uptown Minneapolis – proximity to lakes, a great nightlife, within walking distance of so many good restaurants and a library.  Of course, there are some downsides – I have a tiny studio apartment with no off street parking.  Which was a pain before, but with the new winter parking restrictions in Minneapolis, parking in Uptown has become INSANE.  Here are some tips to avoid tickets until April 1st:

  • The name of the game is Metro Transit!  Utilize the city’s bus lines and leave your car at home.  If you’re coming from the suburbs, try park and ride and the light rail to get into the cities.
  • Need a car during the day for meetings or errands?  Try HOURCAR, a great local car-sharing program where you can check out nice fuel-efficient cars for errands like groceries or trips that just can’t be done by bus.
  • Walk!  Okay, the sidewalks are a little tricky and it’s not exactly balmy outside, but nothing beats the winter blues quite like a nice brisk walk, especially if you’re walking to a great local restaurant to have dinner with friends.

Good luck – and remember, avoid the towpocalypse by avoiding parking on the even side of non-snow emergency routes!

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