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Café Scientifique at Bryant Lake Bowl!

15 February 2010

From first-hand stories of research and discovery, to controversial topics that challenge our ideas and opinions about the world around us, the Bell Museum’s Café Scientifique puts science and culture on the menu!

Forgive me if I am behind the curve, but I just found out about the awesome Café Scientifique program that the Bell Museum of Natural History organizes at the Bryant Lake BowlScience!  Beer!  Science! How can’t we win.  Café Scientifique brings in  research from the University of Minnesota and beyond to explore “science and natural history from distrinct and surprising viewpoints, drawing connections between scientific research, culture, environment and everday life.”  It appears that Café Scientifique strives to bring in a real variety of experts from diverse background to provide lots of interesting discussions – and for the next four months, the topics are centered around food – local food, agriculture and the like.  Very cool!

The next Café Scientifique is coming up tomorrow night, so check it out!

Café Scientifique: Waste = Food
Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 7 p.m. Doors open at 6 p.m.
Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater
Tickets: $5-$12
Call 612-825-8949 for reservations

University of Minnesota College of Design alum Sarah Wolbert promotes an ingenious view of rebalancing urban food systems – one that involves design of detritivore and decomposition systems that eat waste products. This method of using waste as nourishment can actually improve the safety and security of our food supply. Wolbert will share ideas from her graduate design thesis and involve the audience in generating even more solutions.

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