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Cash for Clunker Appliances to Launch in March

3 February 2010

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If you’ve had visions of ENERGY STAR appliances dancing in your head, look out for March!  As expected, a Cash for Clunkers-style rebate program focusing on energy efficient appliances will launch soon to help Americans upgrade old energy wasters.

If you’re interested, make sure to replace the biggest energy hogs in your home first – fridges and clothes washers.  The rule of thumb is that if your appliance is old enough to vote, it’s time to replace it!  That avocado green fridge might have been stylish once upon a time, but now it’s using three times more energy than a modern ENERGY STAR-rated model – and you’re paying out the nose for the difference.

Even though new appliances cost a little more up front, the savings over time are insane!

“You would save over $250 a year on an average 20-year-old refrigerator if you replaced it,” [Joe] McGuire [president of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers] said. “That’s about $1,200 over five years. That is real savings to consumers.”

:: Yahoo

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