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Real World Numbers

15 January 2010

Okay, I just finished entering over 150 facilities onto the Minnesota Energy Challenge.  Whew!  These are businesses who have gotten their lighting upgraded through the  One-Stop Efficiency ShopSM and let us post their savings from that on the Challenge as carbon dioxide savings.  The numbers can be huge – and really abstract. After all, what does it mean that Red Wing Public Schools reduced their building’s energy use and saved 220,084 lbs CO2 annually?  What does that look like in the real world?

Well, other than some concrete $$ savings for Red Wing Public Schools, that’s the equivalent of recycling over 33 tons of waste instead of throwing it away, or taking almost 20 cars off the road for a year. Those are real savings that make a real difference, and being able to see those savings in terms of real world situations makes it so much easier to see the great potential of energy efficiency and conservation.

For easy conversions, check out the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator – and calculate away!

:: Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

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