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Winter Safety: CO Tips

4 January 2010

There are many reasons that we recommend that homeowners get their furnaces and boilers inspected once a year before the heating season begins.  A good inspection will help make sure that your equipment is functioning correctly and efficiently to save you money.  These inspections can also save lives by helping prevent fatal leaks of carbon monoxide.

The Minnesota Department of Health recently reported that accidental carbon monoxide poisonings peak in winter (see the full report in PDF).  Carbon monoxide is a by-product of improper combustion, so if your furnace or boiler uses natural gas and it isn’t functioning properly, it could be producing carbon monoxide and venting it into your home.

Whatever your heating source, make sure you get an inspection and install a carbon monoxide detector within 10 feet of every bedroom in your home or apartment.

Stay safe, folks!

:: KARE 11

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