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Recycle Your Old Holiday Lights!

16 December 2009

The season for holiday lights is definitely here, and most families are switching over to highly efficient and safer LED (light emitting diode) holiday lights that allow lavish displays without the jaw-dropping electricity bills or danger of setting your house on fire.  But what to do with the old light strings?

Why, RECYCLE THEM!  I couldn’t be more jazzed about this statewide holiday light recycling program provided by the Recycling Association of Minnesota.  Find the nearest recycling location here! Since they launched the program in early December over 15,000 pounds of holiday lights have been recycled! That’s just crazy.

The effort will include recycling the copper in the wiring, which is expected to generate enough money to pay for the program and create work at vocational centers for Minnesota workers.  It’s an all around win-win.

:: RAM

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