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Black Friday Blues

30 November 2009

Did you go shopping on Friday?  If you did, I’m sure the sales were great, but there are also large consequences for climate change that come from Black Friday, according to the EPA and the Product Policy Institute, or PPI.

Production, consumption and disposal of the huge quantity of short-lived products and packaging used in the United States contribute 44% of all U.S. greenhouse gas impacts.  These emissions have a dangerous impact on the Earth’s climate.

Though there is a movement now to require producers to be environmentally conscious in their packaging and production, that is only one side of the coin.  The consumer has power, too.  Yep, that’s YOU!  Pledge now on your MN Energy Challenge to buy products with recycled packaging.

When you go shopping, whether its for gifts or not, check out the labels on the products you are buying.  It will say if it’s made of recycled paper or plastics, and it’s obvious if there is a lot of packaging (watch out for toys).  Also, look for products that can be repaired, reused, or recycled.  A lot of times products meant to be for a single use are just a waste of money because you have to continually replace them.  Try to be a conscious shopper!


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