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Burn Wisely

23 November 2009

If you have a wood burning stove, make sure you pay attention to these tips for safe burning.  Wood smoke contains small particles and gases that are not healthy to breathe, especially indoors, so be careful about which wood you burn and how you burn it.

  1. Burn only dry, seasoned wood. You will know this type of wood by its darker color, dryness, and hollow sound if you hit it against another piece of wood.  This type of wood also burns more efficiently, saving you money on fuel costs.
  2. Buy an EPA-certified stove if you need to upgrade.  These stoves are up to 70% more efficient, which will be a great savings for you wallet and the environment.
  3. Have your stove cleaned out yearly to remove any soot in the chimney, and reduce the risk of your house catching on fire.

So, if you’re using a wood burning stove, just make sure you are being safe, and only use your  stove when you are in the same room.  It’s not a super efficient way of heating a whole house, so make sure you’re close to enjoy the warmth.

:: EPA

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