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America Recycles Day was Sunday!

16 November 2009

Everyone’s heard of the three R’s, right?  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  When most people think of recycling, they think of only one step in this three-arrowed process, which is where the familiar logo comes from.  Though it’s great to recycle, it will all be for nothing if people do not buy materials made from recycled products or try to reduce the amount they buy in the first place.  Once a recycling company collects materials to recycle, they have to find vendors who will buy those individual materials to process them and create new products.  If there is no consumer demand for recycled products, then the manufacturing companies will not buy from the recycling company, which will stop the loop of the recycling process.

Did you know you can buy carpets and t-shirts made of recycled plastic?  Or notebooks made of recycled paper?  Just check the label of something you’re buying and see what it’s made of.

This Sunday, November 15, was America Recycles Day across the nation.  Continue the loop by not only recycling, but by buying recycled products too. You can check out the ARD website for the positive impacts or your recycling from their “Conversionator”, and take their pledge to recycle.  While you are thinking of pledges, make sure your pledge for the Minnesota Energy Challenge includes everything you do to recycle – just the basics, buying materials made from recycled products, and more.

To learn about where to recycle almost anything, go to the Earth911website and simply enter your product and location – they’ll figure out where you should take it.  If you have some e-waste to recycle responsibly, read this former blog post.  Happy reducing, reusing, and recycling!


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