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Green Flooring

4 November 2009

If you are looking to install new flooring in your house, check out this guide for all the pros and cons of certain types of flooring and their environmental impacts.  The guide includes the traditional options of wood and carpet to newer types of popular flooring, like concrete.  Bamboo is also gaining in popularity because it is actually a grass which can harvested after four years, and is grown without any pesticides.  Other interesting flooring options to think about are carpet tiles, which you can replace individually, and rammed earth (to figure out what this one is, think literally).

But if you are too attached to your soft, warm carpet, then try to donate it to a recycling facility.  When you are buying new carpet, look into carpet made from recycled bottles or jute packing.  Carpet is produced using a lot of petroleum, and can release toxic chemicals into the air, so be careful.

If you are looking into doing other home improvements, also consider getting your house insulated.  This will save you about $500 a year on heating costs, and will give you bragging rights when you tell your neighbor about your savings through your Minnesota Energy Challenge pledges.

:: PlanetGreen

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