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What does 350 mean?

24 October 2009

This Saturday, October 24, is International Day of Climate Action.  This has also been dubbed 350 day.  What is the meaning of 350 you might wonder? Well, it is the amount of carbon dioxide, in parts per million, or ppm, that is the highest upper limit that we can have in our atmosphere and still be safe from drastic effects of climate change.  It’s too bad we’ve already surpassed that limit (right now we are at 389 ppm), but don’t get worried!  There is a lot we can do to lower that number back to 350, and there are over 3,000 events happening in 160 countries today that are rallying for this cause!

Some local events in the Twin Cities include a bike ride to the capitol for a climate rally and a walk to worship weekend. Check out the 350 website for more events in Minnesota and around the world – join in an action or start your own. Get creative- you can draw the number 350 on sidewalks with your children or hang up 350 pairs of underwear, like one university did!

If you are looking for a simple action to do, engage in a bit of social outreach and ask a friend to take the Minnesota Energy Challenge –  and agree to update your own commitments too!  Small actions make a difference.

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  1. 24 October 2009 10:05 pm

    One of the events in Christchurch, New Zealand was “Frocks on Bikes”, a fun way to encourage cycling as a sustainable mode of transport and reduce carbon emmisons. (See 24th October for more)

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