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Breathe Easy

14 October 2009

Are you worried about losing fresh air in your home if you seal it up to make it more efficient?  Worry no more! Besides the obvious benefits of saving money on your energy bill, you will actually make the air in your home fresher and healthier if you insulate, seal, and ventilate your home.

Sometimes, warm air leaves your house and encounters cold outdoor air, which condenses in your walls, forming mold.  Ick.  Also, your “fresh” air may be contaminated by fumes from badly ventilated appliances like furnaces and hot water heaters, which is not so great for you to be breathing.  Make sure you’ve installed a carbon monoxide detector in your basement and sleeping spaces just in case – and schedule an energy audit from your utility!  If you get an energy audit for your home, you can find out where your house is leaking and how to fix it.  Then you can breathe in the savings of clean air.

:: Grist – Ask Umbra

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