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SIGG Exposed

7 October 2009

Many of us, including myself, joined the SIGG bottle trend after learning about harmful chemicals like Bisphenoyl-A that can leach into our water from certain plastic water bottles.  But I was outraged to find out that SIGG bottles contain BPA too!  All bottles that were made before August 2008 have BPA in the liner.  BPA is an endocrine disruptor that mimics estrogen, and can damage brain and reproductive functions.

Apparently, the SIGG company never explicitly said that their bottles did not contain BPA, but that is what most people were lead to believe through their marketing campaign of being “environmentally friendly and health conscious.”

SIGG is now running an exchange campaign where you can bring in your old water bottle to Whole Foods or REI, or front the postage and send it directly to them, for a new, supposedly BPA-free bottle.

One newspaper writer commented that “This is greenwashing at its worst.”  This shows how important it is to be a conscious consumer; sometimes even if your intentions are good, you can’t trust everything labelled as green.

As for me, since I just lost my third SigG bottle, I have switched to a $10 BPA-free plastic water bottle, and so far I love it!

:: Salon

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