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Minneapolis to launch nation’s largest bike share program!

4 September 2009

If you’ve visited the Eco Experience building at the Minnesota State Fair – which you really shouldn’t miss, it’s incredible – you might have seen the new self-service kiosks for Nice Ride Minnesota, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit.  Get used to seeing those around town because they are placing a THOUSAND bikes throughout the city starting next May to launch the largest bike share program in the nation!

The program is designed to encourage short trips to keep the bikes in constant circulation – so great for errands, pedaling to a meeting or catching up with a friend for coffee.  A membership is either $5 a day or $60 a year, and if you sign up for a year-long account you’ll receive  a special key card and unlimited access to the kiosks.

“When you start building things for pedestrians and cyclists, you really start sending a powerful message that this is not a place that people just want to drive through, but also a place where people want to be,” [Executive Director Bill] Dossett said.

Keep your eyes peeled!

:: MPR

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