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ENERGYSTAR Houses of Worship

3 September 2009

There are an estimated 370,000 houses of worship across the United States, and like any public building, they spend a lot of money on energy.  In fact, worship facilities spend over $3 billion annually on energy costs. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that increasing the energy efficiency of houses of worship by just 10% could save about $315 million annually – money that could be spent on staff, building repairs, programming and other essential services.

It’s now become easier for houses of worship to get the tools they need to become more energy efficiency and be recognized for their efforts – now you can worship in an ENERGYSTAR church! Through the ENERGYSTAR program and the Portfolio Manager tracking tool, the EPA provides free tools for public and private organizations to increase their energy efficiency and save money.  The EPA announced on Tuesday that they have also enhanced their available offers to include the ability to specify on-site green power generation – like wind turbines or solar panels – which allows for a more complete picture of a building’s energy use.

Is your church interested in green issues AND reducing facility costs?  This is a good place to start!

:: Environmental Protection Agency, ENERGYSTAR For Congregations

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