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4-Day Work Week: Save Energy, Save Money

1 September 2009

Would you come to work a little earlier and stay a little later to have a three-day weekend every week?  This is just the experiment that 17,000 state employees in Utah have been undertaking for the past year –and it has been a remarkable success! 82% of state works said they wanted to keep the new schedule that helped offices stay more accessible for those who worked traditional 5-day weeks, shortened the lines at the DMV and reduced the amount of sick days that employees took.

And, oh, it also helped save a ton of money and energy.  After a year, Utah discovered that the compressed workweek reduced energy use by 13% and saved employees as much as $6 million in gas.  It also cut the state’s greenhouse gas emission by more than 12,000 metric tons a year!

“It’s beneficial for the environment and beneficial for workers,” says Lori Wadsworth, a professor at Brigham Young University who helped survey state employees. “People loved it.”

Little burnout, reduced energy use, saving money AND three-day weekends?  Where can I sign up?

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