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Be smarter than the DOE

24 July 2009

Well, isn’t this just….stupid.

The U.S. Department of Energy is wasting enough electricity to power more than 9,800 homes a year by failing to turn down the heat or air conditioning when its workers leave for the day, auditors said Thursday.


Goes to show that there is a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk – in this case, to the tune of over $11 million.  This situation also points out very common problems that waste tons of energy and money every year in many commercial and industrial buildings: at one plant that was publicly lauded as a green milestone, no one bothered to buy the software to make their setback thermostats work. I’ve heard many stories like this come out of our recommissioning department where simple changes like turning a fan the right way cuts costs significantly.

Folks, huge savings from energy efficiency aren’t that complicated.  If you’re not setting back your thermostat, you’re losing at least $50 a year.  Don’t be like the DOE!

:: Star Tribune

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  1. alisha permalink
    9 August 2009 10:01 pm

    If you notice you can see that big corporations waste quite a bit money also. Stores leave lights on over night when no one is working. For example the was a hardee’s in the neighborhood that ended up closing. the entire time that place was on the market the lights were on inside. I am talking about months if not a year. I could never think of reason good enough to leave the lights on. The building was empty. Now every one needs to due their part here and give respect to the amazingly vast planet we live on. To me that means cutting down on the toxins I fill It with. After all, we live here and our families and friends live here. We wouldn’t want them coming over and sitting in our homes full of trash. So why would we want them living on a planet full of our “waste”. Sounds kind of backwards to me.

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