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6 July 2009

Calling all Minneapolis residents!  Did you know that we have some of the best tap water in the nation?  In fact, the federal standards that the City of Minneapolis meets for tap water are HIGHER than those required for bottled water! And yet we still continue to pay $10 a gallon for bottled water when we could be drinking tap water for less than half a penny a gallon.  Now is the time to throw off our bottle water yoke and come into the warm embrace of Minneapolis tap water.  The City has recently launched a great fun new website,, with plenty of fun tips about tap water and a quick pledge to tap the tap.  You should see a familiar face in those pledges – Neely, the Challenge’s fearless leader, is a tap water aficionado.

Mmmm….Minneapolis tap water….

Don’t forget that drinking bottled water also has an environmental impact.  The vast majority of plastic water bottles aren’t recycled – and reusable water bottles are so much more fun!  There are so many kinds and styles out there that you can pick one that really fits your personality and have fun!  Then all you need to do for a refreshing beverage on these hot summer days is fill it up with cheap, clean and plentiful Minneapolis tap water.

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