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Shower vs. Bath

26 June 2009

Electric Shower by 77dmj (Flickr)
Electric Shower by 77dmj (Flickr)

Here’s another frequently asked energy comparison question – is it more energy-friendly to bathe via shower or bath?  The answer definitely depends on your personal habits, but for most people, you will use less water (and thus, less energy) taking a shower than taking a bath, especially if you take quick and efficient showers.  You can find out for yourself really easily!  If you have a combo tub-shower, just plug the bath when you shower and see how high the water reaches.   If it’s less than when you fill the tub, then you’re saving energy!  If it’s the same, then maybe it’s time for you to start reducing your shower time.

If you’re a bath person, don’t despair – here’s a quick and easy tip to help reduce your water waste:  Plug the tub the second you start running water for it! I grew up letting the water run until it got hot, but that meant sending plenty of usable water just down the drain.  Even if it starts cold, you can mix in more hot water to get the temperature just right.  Stay clean!

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