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Bring On the Heat

18 June 2009

Ah, muggy summer days.  With high humidity and the temperature rising, you may be tempted to start that window unit or central AC going.  Here are some quick tips to help you stay cool without spending too much energy this summer:

Get that central AC serviced. If you don’t have the right pressure in your air conditioner, it’s going to reduce its efficiency and cost you money.  If it’s been a year since you had a professional come look at it, make sure to get them out soon.  Do a little weatherstripping! If you add up all the cracks and holes in the average Minnesota house, they can equal a two-foot-square hole open all year round!  What, are you trying to cool down the whole neighborhood?  Make sure you don’t have any leaks around your windows and doors.  Then make sure all windows and doors are closed when you use your AC. You’d be surprised how hard this can be for some people – especially those of you with absentminded children…Finally, don’t use your AC at night. Using fans to circulate cooler night air instead of a window or central unit uses less electricity, keeps you just as comfortable AND saves you some cash.

You can always find more tips on the Minnesota Energy Challenge!

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