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Real World Numbers

29 May 2009

I don’t often talk about climate change just because, unfortunately, it is such a politically charged issue.  It’s also very difficult to talk about because the effects seem very abstract and far away.  However, today the Geneva-based Global Humanitarian Forum (GHF) released a study with some preliminary numbers about the current effects of climate change on us humans globally.  The study reveals that climate change currently kills about 315,000 people annually through hunger, sickness and weather disasters – a death doll expected to rise to half a million a year by 2030.

As expected, it is the poorest countries who are most vulnerable to the catastrophic effects of climate change, which of course just compounds the program.  Developed nations like the United States contribute huge percentages of the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions, but feel little of the effects.  It’s hard to believe in something or take action when it’s not touching us personally.  But it will – especially as the economic losses due to climate change rise.  Currently they amount to over $125 billion annually, but are expected to rise to $340 billion year year by 2030.

The good news, as usual, is that it doesn’t have to be this way!  Simple changes, like energy efficiency and conservation, really DO make a real difference.  Take action!  It counts.

:: Reuters

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