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Hump Day Links!

6 May 2009

I get a lot of my interesting energy news from my coworkers Yammer feeds, but my computer hasn’t been cooperating lately and I feel behind.  So here are the highlights of funky and interesting energy news from the past few weeks!

In Defense of the Incandescent Light Bulb (New York Times): Howard Brandston, award wining designer, whines about the environmental conspiracy taking away his pretty incandescents.  I think he’s selling the quality of compact fluorescents WAAAAY short, but we all know that I’m biased myself.

Adaptive Meter: Playing the Energy Conservation Game (earth2tech): Check out this really cool smart-grid-based interactive gaming platform, Lost Joules.  Players can bet on each others’ energy usage based on their smart meter data AND buy virtual money for real-world rewards!  How do I sign up?

U.S. May Never Need More Nuclear, Coal Plants, FERC Head Says (  The head of the Federal Energy Regulation Commission says that renewable energy and increased energy efficiency will be sufficient to meet our country’s increased energy demands in the future, citing the cost efficiency of renewables among other reasons.

Simple Tips for a Greener House (The Onion): “Adjust your schedule to sleep 20 hours a day, waking only between the prime daylight hours 0f 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.”  (Yes, it’s satire.)

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