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How to Recognize Greenwashing

16 April 2009
greenwashing data

It seems that everyone is claiming “green” products these days, from hybrid SUVs to cleaning products to cell phones.  But they can’t all be telling the truth, can they?  According to TerraChoice Environmental Marketing, only 2% of products claiming to be green can be trusted. The other 98% are misleading customers about their product’s sustainability – yikes!  This is obviously a big hurdle to consumers trying to make the right choices about products, so it’s nice that someone is paying attention to these claims.

According to TerraChoice, there are seven deadly sins of greenwashing that companies are guilty of: the Hidden Trade-Off, No Proof, Vagueness, Worshiping False Labels, Irrelevance, the Lesser of Two Evils and Fibbing.  I’m glad to report that one of the eleven Eco Labels that we can trust is EnergyStar, a label you can trust to help you find the most efficient appliances, electronics and compact fluorsecents.

:: The Daily Green

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