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Carbon Bootprint

9 April 2009

Lest we think that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is solely the purview of civilians, check out the great actions that the Army is taking to lesson their “carbon bootprint.’ The Army is investigating both energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce the armed forces’ reliance on carbon-intensive energy like coal.  The advantages go beyond environmental; Tad Davis, the deputy undersecretary of the Army for environment, safety, and occupational health, pointed out that a reduction of fuel use also results in decreased mission cost AND increased safety for soldiers.

“If we are able to reduce the amount of energy consumed, then that is going to probably reduce the amount of fuel that is going to be used — in the case of the forward deployed forces, we are able to reduce the convoys and the resupply which is one of the primary targets of a lot of the IEDs and ambushes taking place in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Davis said.

The benefits of energy efficiency go far and wide.  The Army is also doing some very cool things with solar, including installing a photovoltaic solar array on top of a closed landfill that is providing electricity to 540 homes at Fort Carson!

:: U.S. Army

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