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Congrats to the Como Park Green Eyez!

12 March 2009

The Como Park Green Eyez are Energy Champs! When Luke, the co-captain of Como Park Senior High‘s environmental club contacted me, I knew immediately that they were going to be big players in the Energy Challenge.  A great group of highly motivated individuals, the Green Eyez put on several assemblies at their school for the National Teach-In on Global Warming, a national day of learning around climate solutions.  On top of tackling tough issues and educating their peers on climate change, the Green Eyez also asked everyone to take the Minnesota Energy Challenge and pledge to reduce their energy use!

Before their assemblies on February 5th, 2009, the Como Park Senior High team was fifteen households strong.  Through their education and passionate advocacy, their team grew by 800% to 123 households!   Como Park Senior High is currently ranked 6th out of 131 school teams on the Energy Challenge thanks to the hard work of the Green Eyez.   Altogether they are promising to save over $41,000 a year in energy costs and prevent over 435,500 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution annually – the equivalent of taking 36 cars off the road for a year!

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