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Top Ten EnergyStar Cities

11 March 2009

Buildings are responsible for nearly half of all of the United State’s annual greenhouse gas emissions – so any solution for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as a nation must involve working with buildings.  Programs like EnergyStar provide a great opportunity for guidance for commercial buildings looking to save money and increase their sustainability.  And show off their efforts!  The EPA just released its list of the US cities with the most EnergyStar-rated commercial buildings in 2008, and wouldn’t you know, Minneapolis/St. Paul is on the list! The number of EnergyStar-rated buildings has increased 130% from 2007, and EnergyStar-rated commercial buildings use, on average, 35% less energy and produce 35% less carbon dioxide emissions.  And the rock star cities of energy are…

1. Los Angeles
2. San Francisco
3. Houston
4. Washington DC
5. Dallas-Fort Worth
6. Chicago
7. Denver

8. Minneapolis-St Paul with 102 EnergyStar qualified buildings in 2008 saving $36.3 million in energy costs – and CO2 savings equivalent to the electricity use of 49,000 households!

9. Atlanta
10. Seattle

:: Treehugger, EnergyStar(PDF)

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