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Uh, nope, CFLs are still better.

6 March 2009

I was kind of horrified to see this article on the New York Times which seemed to suggest that using incandescents was more efficient than switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs because of…heat.  It’s true, 90% of the energy we send to incandescents is wasted as heat, and I have been asked if that means that they help reduce natural gas use.  But it’s JUST NOT TRUE!  Treehugger has a great rebuttal, including this house-science-based fact:

4. All calories of heat are not created equal. Heating systems are designed according to codes or by engineers to put the heat where you need it, low and usually under windows to combat drafts. Lightbulbs are often at the ceilings or in lamps far from the floor. Without proper distribution you are going to get stratification of the heat, with most of it up at the ceiling where it is not effective. Put in a fan? More power consumption.

Seriously, folks.

:: NY Times, Treehugger

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