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Energy Efficiency Tax Credits

3 March 2009

The recently signed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (aka the Stimulus bill) made some significant – and exciting! – changes to energy efficiency tax credits for homeowners.  If you’re looking to make some energy efficiency improvements to your home (or buy a hybrid car), 2009 is a good time to start.  The tax credit amount has been more than doubled from 10% to 30% with the maximum credit bring raised from $500 to $1,500! Additionally, the $200 cap on windows has been REMOVED.  EnergyStar has a great rundown of all the credits, including for insulation, central air, geothermal pumps, solar water heaters and hybrid cars.

:: EnergyStar

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  1. greenhomesamerica permalink
    11 March 2009 3:38 pm

    Good stuff. Be careful as there are specific requirements for all of the measures. A couple of things to consider: There is still an open question regarding whether the 30% applies to the cost of materials only or to the total installed cost. Previously the provision was for material only–it appears to be the case now, but it’s not completely clear.

    I provide a couple of good links (including the ENERGY STAR link above) to specific requirements at And I will be posting updates as they become available.



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