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27 February 2009

ask-the-expertsMy house was built in 1959/1960. For the most part it has all the original windows with the exception of the addition. Someone mentioned to me that there might be a program in place where if I were to put in new energy efficient windows that there was a plan where I could get assistance with payment for these windows and if I didn’t sell the house for 10 years I wouldn’t have to pay the money back – but if I did sell within the 10 years I would reimburse this money. Is there such a program? How does it work? What guidance can you give me in this area?

There is potentially a program in place that would work for you, the type of program you are referring to is called a “deferred loan”.  This is a type of loan that does not come due until you sell your home or the term expires.  We administer different programs for different cities and neighborhoods and since I don’t know where you live, your best bet would to be to go to our website.  Right on the homepage it will ask you where you live and will bring you to a page with all the programs available to you as well as necessary forms.  Some cities/neighborhoods have deferred loans and some do not.  If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to call me.  Our website is

Answer provided by Erica Schulte, Community Relations Manager at the Center for Energy and Environment.

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