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Go Rosemount High!

10 February 2009

Looking for an inspirational story this blustery Tuesday?  Last Friday I came out to Rosemount High School at the invitation of science teacher Veda Kanitz to speak to some 9th grade classes about energy efficiency, the Minnesota Energy Challenge and how students can make a real, measurable difference by taking action.

Talking the talk at Rosemount High

Talking the talk at Rosemount High

The presentations were fun – there were students there on the SEE (Schools for Energy Efficiency) Squad that are already promoting efficiency at school, and of course lots of good questions!  Veda is a tireless advocate and convinced several other teachers to follow her lead and assign the Energy Challenge as extra credit to encourage students to talk to their families about saving energy. When I came on Friday the 6th, the Rosemount High School Team had eleven households signed up and was ranked 23rd on the Energy Challenge.

As of this morning, Tuesday February 10th, the Rosemount Team has quadrupled in size! They now have forty-four households taking the Energy Challenge and pledging to save over 280,000 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution annually – the equivalent of saving over 14,700 gallons of gasoline.  Rosemount High School is now ranked #8 out of 129 schools and is on their way to taking on the top five! Congrats Rosemount for your enthusiasm for the Energy Challenge!  Your school is making a real difference!

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