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4 February 2009

ask-the-experts“Where I work, we have a Glenwood-type water cooler and a water fountain that delivers brownish water, so we all use the cooler. However, we think it would be greener to have filtered tap water that doesn’t need to be bottled, delivered, or chilled. We are assuming the fountain has bad pipes that would be expensive to fix (it is probably rust in the water), but are wondering if there a way to turn our fountain into a filtered-water dispenser (we don’t have a sink in our work area). Any ideas?” – Chris

I recommend that you contact a water purity expert regarding your fountain – like Culligan – to take a look at your system and give his recommendation. There are a couple ways you could go and they make have a more creative solution.  You could always institute a series of filters (charcoal for taste, fine for color, course for sediment), but those will have to be changed regularly to be effective.  You could also install a reverse-osmosis system, but my expert informs me that they can waste as much as 50% of the water that you supply it (bad water going down the drain).  In any event, it would be much better to fix your fountain than use bottled water.

Answer provided by Mark Hancock, Senior Mechanical Engineer at the Center for Energy and Environment.

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  1. Robert permalink
    9 February 2009 6:42 pm

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    Bob W

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